Rules & Policies

1. UBC items should be posted for free

2. UBC items should have a residual value of under $1000, personal items may have a price attached to them.

3. You are welcome to pick up items yourself; however, for bulky or heavy items, we recommend using moving services for safe delivery. Please refer to additional information regarding moving of equipment or items that are exchanged via UBC reuse-it here.

4. Detailed descriptions and a photo of items should be included in posting

5. Listings still active for over 30 days may be removed from the site.

6. Consider consulting this service before purchasing new items

7. The site administrator reserves the right to remove listings or edit information provided by the listing party.

8. Refer to UBC Policy UP3 for further details on procedures associated with this program.

Currently re-use it! UBC does not allow listings for anything that may pose a risk to:

  • Privacy: 
    • Ex. Information technology equipment with hard drives
  • Health and safety: 
    • Medical equipment from clinical settings, or hospital equipment 
    • Anything that cannot be surface-decontaminated 
    • Live animals 
    • Hazardous materials (chemical, biohazards, radioactive, combustible, etc.). For proper disposal of hazardous materials, please visit Safety & Risk Services (UBCV). 
  • Illegal goods

9. Please report any misuse of the site to the site administrator: