FAQ & Resources

What is re-use it! UBC?

re-use it! UBC is a website designed to facilitate the reuse of low value goods between departments on campus and to minimize the number of reusable items from entering the waste stream.

Have you used a classified service to get rid of items you no longer use or to look for inexpensive goods? This website is here to help UBC departments to do just that.

How to delete your listing

Navigate to: Top-right drop-down menu (Logo and initials) > Posts > Listings > Active > Ellipses (3 dots) > Delete (Or deactivate if you would like to save this post for later/future) 

Who can use this service?

Any active employee (staff or faculty) of UBC Vancouver is eligible to create an account on reuse-it! UBC’s Rheaply AxM. Currently, this service is limited to only users located at the UBC Point-Grey Vancouver campus, but we expect to expand service to UBC Okanagan in the future. 

For questions or help with authentication, please contact reuse.coordinator@ubc.ca

Can I take items home for personal use?

Priority should go to exchanges between UBC departments for departmental use.

If I am not on the Vancouver Point-Grey Campus, can I use this service?

Unfortunately, at the moment, our services do not extend to labs/departments off-campus. We are hoping to expand our reach in the future!

What are the benefits of using this service? Why should my department use it? 

Whether you are looking to get rid of an item in your department or looking to acquire an item, re-use it! UBC will save you money.

I have an item to get rid of: Typically departments looking to get rid of goods are required to pay to move the goods to UBC’s Material Reuse Facility plus incur any tipping fees associated with disposal. Posting your reusable items on this site could help your department save $$ and make some $$ back. 

I need an item for my department: Departments looking to purchase goods may find similar quality goods on this website FOR FREE or for a substantially lower price. Helping to keep reusable goods out of the landfill is simply the right thing to do. As a leader and innovator in sustainability, UBC wants to walk the talk.

What can I post? 

You can use this service in a couple of different ways:

  • If your department has items that are no longer used but could have a second life in another department, create a listing to let UBC departments know you have something available. 
  • If your department is looking to purchase reused items, post a ‘request’. Other users may see your request and get in touch if they have that item on offer.

Please see the rules & policies on what you are/are not allowed to post on reuse-it!

What information should I include when I post a listing? 

Here is some key information to convey in your listing:

  • Category and title of listing 
  • Listing price 
  • Market price of the item 
  • Photo of item(s) if possible 
  • Measurements and dimensions of your Item(s) (many interested departments look for specific size configurations)
  • A short description of the item and its condition 
  • Tags (helps users find your item in relevant search categories) 
  • Location 

Other information that may help buyers looking to make a decision: 

  • Condition 
  • The equipment retail name, brand, model number, date of purchase 
  • Equipment history 
  • Equipment training resources 
  • Equipment standard operating procedure
  • Service contract details (if any)
  • The economic cost of ownership

What should I do if there is no interest in the listing I posted? 

Please contact your Facility Manager to arrange proper disposal. 

I believe my items are valued over $1000. How can this item be included?

If your item is valued over $1,000 please visit Financial Operations’ website to learn more about what you need to do.

  • Go to https://finance.ubc.ca
  • Click Procure to Pay
  • Click Dispose from the left hand menu – you will need to login with your CWL ID and password to see the content
  • The Dispose section will give you step by step instructions on how to dispose your asset valued over $1,000
  • If you have further questions email reuse.it@ubc.ca

How can I get an item moved to my department? 

You are welcome to pick up items yourself; however, for bulky or heavy items, we recommend using moving services for safe delivery.

Please call your Facility Manager to arrange moving items between departments. Your department administrator should submit a service request to Building Operations.

The more details you can provide about the move, the more efficient the move. Information you should give to your FM include:

  • Your name, address, room number and phone number
  • If the item is not yours, please give the name, number and location of the person the FM and moving crew should contact
  • A contact name, address, room number and phone number at the receiving department.
  • A description of the item(s) needed to be moved
  • If your building has an elevator or only stairs

What times of year should I expect a longer wait for moving? 

Snow days, exam periods (at the end of each term) and student residence move in (early September)/move out (late April) are considered ‘black out’ times for UBC’s moving crew. This means that work requests that come in around these dates may be delayed.

How is my privacy protected?

No personal information will be collected through reuse-it! or Rheaply AxM.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the service?

Any questions or comments regarding this website should be directed to reuse.coordinator@ubc.ca

Any questions regarding the moving process should be directed to your facility manager.