Reuse It UBC

Yes – except SERF was located in a physical warehouse and this website will operate as a ‘virtual warehouse’ for reusable goods on campus.

UBC’s SERF (Surplus Equipment Reuse Facility) was in place from 1970 – 2006 and offered a store-front location for UBC students, staff and faculty to purchase and drop off reusable items. Due to space constraints, SERF closed operations in 2006 and since then, UBC’s moving crew has operated a word of mouth reuse system between.

Officially SERF is not entirely retired, it still exists as Policy 108 Policy #108: Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Materials.

Re-use it! UBC is in the spirit of the SERF warehouse and is now in place to enable departments to post items online that can be reused by other departments on campus.